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Steal Away

Fall 2019

When Beverly Laborde becomes a con artist to exact vengeance on the man who shut down her grandmother's antiques business and sent her to an early grave, she comes face to face with the handsome but haunted Vermont police detective, Adam Dutton—who doesn’t know whether to arrest her or ask her out on a date.

But Beverly and Adam soon face an even worse problem than their inconvenient growing attraction toward each other: they've both incurred the wrath of the wealthy and formidable Reginald Forsythe. Forsythe’s criminal tendrils seem to reach into all areas of Vermont politics and the Northeastern Antiquities League. And he’ll do anything to keep his dark secrets safe.

Beverly and Adam enlist the help of a sympathetic antiques dealer and the mysterious “Mr. X,” but will it be enough to prove Forsythe is guilty not only of theft and bribery but possibly murder? Beverly and Adam soon learn that even though they may not be able to outgun their nemesis individually, together they might just have a fighting chance.

Hide Away


Vermont Detective Adam Dutton has to make one of the hardest arrests of his life—his good friend and godfather, Harlan Wilford, who stands accused of murder. Meanwhile, slightly reformed con woman extraordinaire Beverly LaBorde has returned to Ironwood Junction to take her first tentative steps toward a more normal life and maybe romance with a certain handsome detective.

Neither Adam nor Beverly believe for a minute that honest Harlan is capable of murder, but who framed him and why? Was it a disgruntled former customer of Harlan's antiques business or is this another attempt by the crooked members of the Northeast Antiquities League to get back at Adam?

With Adam and Beverly's nemesis, Mayor Titus Lemann, piling on the pressure, and his wife—who also happens to be Adam's ex—piling on the seduction, Adam and Beverly must dodge personal and professional land mines before they blow up in their faces. Harlan's freedom may not be the only thing at stake, as Adam and Beverly begin to wonder if they'll ever be able to take their relationship to the next level.

Burn Away


In the third installment of the Beverly Laborde & Adam Dutton series, which closes out the Forstyhe Trilogy, a series of attacks on antiques stores near Ironwood Junction and in other Vermont towns could signal a new front on the crime syndicate Beverly and Adam have been fighting. Or it could mean someone is trying to get to them personally ...

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