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My name is Kit (Kit E. Cat). The humans say I'm a handsome fellow but, well, modesty ... They also say I like a lot of attention just like a dog, but really ... a dog?? Well, I do enjoy ear and chin rubs, and I do like being where my humans are, and I do enjoy a good lap cuddle. So there.

I think this is a rather striking post, don't you think? Under the Christmas tree, not too long after my yearly "shearing." The humans think I look like a lion in a tuxedo when I'm shorn, but I just enjoy losing weight without going on a diet.

This is my impression of a cat throw pillow. What do you think?

This is Kit again ... Yes, I do "allow" Spike to join me for a little cuddly nap time. He's nice and warm, so, why not? Plus, he makes a good pillow.

This is one of my favorite pasttimes - the human puts a crunchie on the table and I pick it up with my paw and eat it, one by one. It's almost as much fun as playing with a giant rubber band or playing "chase the tossed crunchies" game.

We practice good cat hygiene, with a little help from each other.

I'm Kit's brother Spike. Unlike Kit, I'm shy and prefer to follow my brother around. That's okay ... as long as I get my treats in the morning and have lots of crunchies and food, I call that paradise. I also enjoy looking out the window and staring at the birds and the squirrels.

I can do the Christmas thing too! Actually, I like to try and do whatever Kit does, but he gets a little annoyed with me sometimes ... all that pesky little brother stuff. 

And this is *my* impression of a sleepy cat in his aerie.

Spike, here. This is one of my favorite things to do - join Kit for a snooze on the back of the sofa. That's not a ghost, by the way, that's a sheet ... or is it? Eeek! I'll get back to you since I've suddenly developed a desire to check *under* the sofa.

I like looking out the back door at night. That's when all the strange animals come out and sometimes even meander onto the deck.

Sitting by the door. Two bros in the 'hood just chillin'.

Yep, you caught us asleep on the job.