BURN AWAY (Adam Dutton & Beverly Laborde #3)

The Beverly Laborde/Adam Dutton mystery novel series from award-winning author BV Lawson

Crimetime Press:

Trade paperback ISBN:  978-1-951752-04-0

Ebook ISBN:  978-1-951752-03-3

Hardcover ISBN:  978-1-951752-05-7

When a series of arsons target Vermont antiques stores, Detective Adam Dutton and con woman Beverly Laborde worry the shop owned by a friend of theirs, Harlan Wilford, might be next. But when a body is found inside one of the burned buildings, the stakes take an even deeper and darker turn.

Adam and Beverly thought they'd seen the last of a crime syndicate operating under the Northern Antiquities League in the state and could finally put those dark memories behind them. But are the arsons the group's last gasp or the sign of a new mob threat rising from the ashes?

With the help of the mysterious Mr. X, Adam and Beverly race to get to the bottom of the fires before any more lives are lost...including their own.