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The Scott Drayco Series

Trained as a concert pianist, Scott Drayco was forced to give up his dreams of a music career after a violent carjacking permanently damaged his arm. Deciding to follow in his estranged father's footsteps, he became an FBI agent-turned private crime consultant, earning the reputation of being brilliant and sometimes unorthodox. The Scott Drayco crime novels have also been named Best Mystery in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, chosen as a Featured Library Journal Pick, and been a finalist for Shamus, Silver Falchion, Daphne, and Foreword Book Reviews Awards. "Lawson's protagonist is greatly compelling." - Publishers Weekly Book Prize. 


Played to Death

(Scott Drayco Series #1)


Requiem for Innocence

Scott Drayco Series #2)


Dies Irae

(Scott Drayco Series #3)


Elegy in Scarlet

(Scott Drayco Series #4)

The Suicide Sonata

(Scott Drayco Series #5)

Melody of Murder Final.jpg

Deadly Dance

(Scott Drayco Series #6)

Melody of Murder

(Scott Drayco Series #7)


Fatal Fugue

(Scott Drayco Series #(8)

Coming Soon

The Scott Drayco Series

Boox 1-3

Lethal Lament

(Scott Drayco Series #(9)

Coming Soon
Coming Soon

The Scott Drayco Series

Books 4-6

The Scott Drayco Series

Boox 1-6

Scott Drayco Short Stories

New False Shadows Cover Latest.jpg

False Shadows: Eight Scott Drayco Short Mysteries

Hear No Evil Raven Small.jpg

Hear No Evil

Maltese Moon Rock Large FINAL Half Size.

The Maltese Moon Rock


Ill-Gotten Games

The Adam Dutton & Beverly Laborde Series

When Beverly Laborde becomes a con artist to exact revenge on the man who shut down her grandmother's antiques business and sent her to an early grave, she comes face to face with the handsome but haunted Vermont police detective, Adam Dutton. But what started as a personal vendetta for Beverly against whose a man whose criminal tendrils reach far into Vermont politics and the Northeastern Antiquities League grows into something more. The quirky town of Ironwood Junction, a sympathetic local antiques dealer, and the mysterious "Mr. X" start to chip away at Beverly's hardened outer emotional shell.

But can she push past her issues with trust and betrayal to settle down? And will her quest for vengeance ever truly be over? As Beverly and Adam come to terms with their inconvenient growing attraction toward each other, they have to dodge bribery, theft, extortion, and murder ... to settle old scores and to keep each other safe.



Steal Away

(Laborde/Dutton #1


Hide Away

(Laborde/Dutton #2)


Burn Away

(Laborde/Dutton #3)


Laborde/Dutton Series

Books 1-3

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