"A fast-paced whodunit, Lawson’s recent installment in the Scott Drayco mystery series ... contains enough pleasantly unexpected surprises and meticulous details to deliver a fresh mystery. The familiar narrative of an innocent victim being framed for murder is made unique by the author’s flair for plot twists and fine-tuned descriptions. While, as a surly detective with a tumultuous past, Scott Drayco may be familiar, Lawson's protagonist is also greatly compelling; Lawson also excels at crafting seemingly minor figures whose roles in the story may be more significant than they seem." - Publishers Weekly (Booklife Prize) (Elegy in Scarlet)

"This labyrinthine novel is great for those who love to be as intellectually frenzied as the detectives in the stories they read. They’ll be eagerly flipping back to look for Lawson’s strategically placed clues." - Library Journal 

"BV Lawson has created a memorable character in Drayco, a concert pianist turned FBI agent, turned crime consultant. He also has the fascinating condition of synesthesia, which not only adds a mysterious depth to his character it is integral to the plot.“ - Big Als Books and Pals 

"The storyline here is nicely structured, and creatively ties together two murder mysteries, which occurred decades apart. The small town setting is ideal, the lead character engaging, and the supporting cast interesting and diverse. Overall, a solid start to this series." - Omnimystery News 


"Lawson uses the gothic features of the abandoned Opera House to great effect, creating an atmospheric background for the crimes and the solving of them, all of it accompanied with music that’s almost like another character. The pace never sagged and it kept me enthralled." - Long and Short Reviews


"Now this story was close to brilliance.... loved the concept of this story. The main character was truly three-dimensional, a noteworthy feat especially in a short story. The plot was fast, dark and thrilling. I had a hunch halfway through about what would happen, and I was right, but that didn’t make the reading experience any less pleasant. The writing was fluent and the story intriguing, and I loved the end." -


"One of the best shorts I've read this year. Scary and triumphant in the bleakest kind of way with two of the best characters I've read." - AJ Hayes, author of the Mad Dog and Englishman series


"BV Lawson ends the anthology on a strong note. Scott Drayco investigates the death of a shock jock and...cleverly solves the crime. All in all, an excellent read for lovers of quality mystery fiction." - Jacqueline Seewald, author of The Inferno Collection


"Awesome story. Beautifully have really written something special." - Terrie Farley Moran, author of the Read ’Em and Eat Café and Bookstore series


"That the author could fit all of this into a short story and make me connect to the characters makes me want to read more of her work." - Midu Hadi


"I'm a sucker for unreliable narrators, but they are hard to pull off. But Lawson does so with aplomb. A story about small-town life, prejudice (including our own as we read, perhaps), and revenge." - James Everington, author of Falling Over


False Shadows kept me guessing until the very end. I’d recommend this book to experienced mystery readers who enjoy wrestling with skillfully placed hints that don’t easily reveal their secrets. - Long and Short Reviews

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