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(Scott Drayco Series #6)


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Some secrets refuse to stay buried...

When Scott Drayco's ex-girlfriend begs him to prove her rich fiancé, Harry Dickerman, is innocent of murder, Drayco's torn; he's suspicious of Harry's motives for wanting to marry a much younger woman, but on the other hand, the man seems to be a paragon of virtue. The police think it's an open-and-shut case—the victim was Harry's ex-wife, killed in Harry's home with his own letter opener, and only Harry's prints were on the murder weapon.

But as Drayco digs deeper, he starts to find cracks in that “open-and-shut” case and investigates whether corporate espionage was involved and how a shady attorney figures into the mix. Most puzzling of all, why was the victim living in a mysterious, out-of-the-way commune for Wall Street refugees? And why does the commune seem to be less about peace, love, and brotherhood and more about drugs, sex, and blackmail?

With help from his former FBI partner, “Sarg” Sargosian, Drayco uncovers a possible Russian connection that may be key to the mystery. But as he plunges deeper into a cesspool where everyone seems to be guilty of secrets and lies, he's not sure who he can trust ... or whether a deadly dance with the devil will prove to be his undoing.

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