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Heart Tugging Mystery & Thrilling Suspense

Scott Drayco is not a typical detective.  A violent attack ended his dreams of being a concert pianist and led him to a career with the FBI and then a private consulting business. His music background, eidetic memory, and a rare condition of synesthesia — the ability to see and feel sounds that others only hear — give him unique insights into bizarre and baffling criminal cases that others don't want to touch.


“Lawson's protagonist is greatly compelling.” - Publishers Weekly Book Prize

“Worth putting on your reading list.”- Library Journal

“I fell in love with the main character and found myself cheering him on to solve each mystery.” - 5-star review

“So good, I read it twice from beginning to end.” - 5 star review

*** A finalist for the Shamus, Silver Falchion, Daphne, and Foreword Reviews Awards ***

The Scott Drayco Mystery Series



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