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Scott Drayco Box Set,
Books 1-3


Read the first three books in the Scott Drayco mystery series — 60% off the print price!

Scott Drayco is not your stereotypical detective.

Trained as a concert pianist, he was forced to give up his dreams of a music career after a violent carjacking permanently damaged his arm. Deciding to follow in his estranged father's footsteps, he became an FBI agent then a private crime consultant, earning the reputation of being brilliant and sometimes unorthodox.

His unusual background, eidetic memory, and chromesthesia—a form of synesthesia where he "sees" all sounds as colors, shapes, and textures—gives him unique tools and insights as he tackles thorny and complex cases others often don't want to touch.

Handsome, yet scarred; brilliant, yet brooding, the same man who once got into the minds of composers to reveal what their music had to say now gets into the minds of criminals to reveal the darkest secrets of their villainous souls.

Read the first three books in the Scott Drayco mystery series—60% off the print price—that Library Journal called "worth putting on your reading list." Finalists for the Shamus, Silver Falchion, Daphne, and Foreword Book Reviews awards.

PLAYED TO DEATH: When a former client bequeaths crime consultant Scott Drayco a rundown Opera House in a Virginia seaside town - complete with a body inside - Drayco gets trapped in a tangled web of music, madness, and murder.

REQUIEM FOR INNOCENCE: Crime consultant Scott Drayco is lured back to the Eastern Shore of Virginia to investigate an attack on a disabled girl and wades into a sea of lies, seduction, and secrets to keep the girl safe ... and stop a murderer from killing again.

DIES IRAE: After a mysterious music code is left at a crime scene, Scott Drayco plays deadly games with a killer. But is it voodoo, vengeance, or pure villainy? 


“Lawson's protagonist is greatly compelling.” - Publishers Weekly Book Prize

“Worth putting on your reading list.”- Library Journal

“Filled with complex characters, multiple motives and agendas, and a lot of small details that build the atmosphere." Flash Bang Mysteries

“I loved Scott Drayco because so many different and intriguing aspects of his character were introduced in the story that I kept wanting to know more about him.” - Long and Short Reviews

All Books in the Scott Drayco Mystery Series

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