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In this prequel novelette to the novels Dies Irae and Elegy in Scarlet, crime consultant Scott Drayco and “the world’s most diminutive defense attorney” Benny Baskin find themselves on the Eastern Shore of Virginia fighting for the innocence of Baskin's client, who's jailed for the murder of his business partner. Against the backdrop of the Wallops Island rocket launch facility, Drayco soon discovers that the motive for the man's murder might just be out of this world.


Crimetime Press
eBook ISBN:  978-0-9904582-9-6


Crimetime Press
eBook ISBN:  978-1-951752-12-5

The clock is ticking as crime consultant Scott Drayco and "the world's most diminutive defense attorney" Benny Baskin play games with a dangerous killer in order to save an innocent man from going to jail.
Why is the killer texting cryptic poems to Drayco on his cellphone about stolen Egyptian figurines, and what do the messages mean? Was the murder a crime of opportunity or was it planned all along for more sinister reasons? Drayco races around Washington, D.C,. trying to find the answers and avoid becoming a puppet as the killer pulls the strings. 

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Crimetime Press
Print ISBN:  978-0-6158957-2-7

From the theft of a rare violin that appears to be cursed, to a suspected serial killer who plays mind games with Drayco, to murder and revenge at 20,000 feet, these eight short tales of literary suspense delve into the darkest mysteries of the human soul. See why readers describe Scott Drayco as “not a stereotypical detective” and “an extremely complex character.”

"False Shadows kept me guessing until the very end. I’d recommend this book to experienced mystery readers who enjoy wrestling with skillfully placed hints that don’t easily reveal their secrets." - Long and Short Reviews

"We've had the pleasure of reading these tales and can enthusiastically recommend them." - Omnimystery News

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Five tales featuring brilliant crime consultant Scott Drayco, a former pianist turned FBI agent who uses his music and law enforcement insights to solve cases others don't want to touch. From HEAR NO EVIL, where Drayco has to solve a murder in an empty concert hall in a snowstorm, to FM IS FOR MURDER, where a shock jock gets his comeuppance, these stories show why evil is often a song best left unsung.

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